Phone calls running only on LTE are seen by Verizon

verizon ant CEST

Wireless phone calls run on the 3G network that is older, but that is poised to change thanks to some technology.

Shammo said the firm intends to start offering voice calls toward the close of the year, which promises possibly higher audio quality and characteristics including a cloud-established video address book over its LTE network.
“For the other carriers, when we found a brand new technology, we must ensure our quality is robust because the CDMA network was so powerful,” Shammo said in a Web cast demo. “The other carriers do not go before we understand it is prepared.”

Beyond exceptional voice quality and characteristics like voice calls that are high definition, another good thing about going to 4G is for possibly lower price handsets. smartphone is not more expensive when compared to a smartphone with both 4G and 3G processors smartphones down the line could be cheaper as Verizon starts to lose 3G support for new mobiles.

Shammo declined to comment on whether Verizon, the country’s biggest insurance company will ensure that its voice over LTE, service or VoLTE, works with other insurance companies, which are building similar abilities out now. Shammo said the technology needs to grow before the carriers get.

I do not understand,” he said.

Another characteristic that Shammo is not low on is multicast video, which is Verizon’s capability to air one flow of recorded or live video to multiple individuals. The technology is appealing because it is a more efficient method to produce video and does not take up a lot of bandwidths.

It is a critical point that alters the way content is delivered over cellular telephone,” he said.

He’s assured there are enough customers willing to see live video for half an hour on their smartphones to warrant this company. Shammo considers sporting events including the World Cup or NFL games make to find the finest instances of live video that folks would need to tune into when they are not around a television.

The Galaxy S5 has a processor capable of picking up multicast signs; Shammo said, with more smartphones. The service, nevertheless, will not start until next year. If you want to know when it will start in your area get in touch with Verizon customer service.

Shammo declined to comment on whether consumers will have to pay another fee to subscribe to multicast videos, just saying they represented a manner for the content businesses to produce added revenue.


Why AT&T Tried to Destroy the Answering Machine

If you follow the history of the answering-machine it spans more than 100 years with many different formats and recording media. The procedure commenced in the late 1800’s with Valdemar Pouisen who invented the first device to record sound through magnetic and wire. This device was recognized as the telegraphone and it paved the way not only for answering machines but for all forms of audio recording in the future.

Modern record devices and the rapid advancement of technology show us that people are ravenous and grim as it pertains to updating and constructing on existing technology. Here is precisely the same mind-set that individuals held in the early 1-900’s but despite the recognition of this kind of device there seemed to be a lack of research and production in the marketplace of answering devices through the 1st half of the 1900’s.

While others worked to further the application of the recording device, it wasn’t until approximately 1949 that the first real commercial answering machine was advertised successfully. The cumbersome machine cost $200 and relied on magnetic wire. It wasn’t until the sixties and later that the substitution to magnetic tape was made.

That tape would alter history as properly – maybe not merely for answering devices but for recording audio and video. When this engineering was paired with the telephone, anyone making or getting a telephone call could readily record that dialog or message to magnetic tape using an easy apparatus.

However, this is the point where we discover a tiny disparity in research in development. With changeable kinds of technology, the United States was booming with progress left and right in numerous fields yet there were so few breakthroughs in the technology connecting to answering machines… why?

Answering Devices – A New, Sweeping Technology… Swept under the Rug

It’s well recognized the first automatic answering machine was stated to be produced by Willy Muller in 1935 but the truth is that Bell Labs, possessed by AT&T throughout this era, were working on prototypes for automated answering devices even before this. Don’t believe it? Just call AT&T Customer Service Number There’s even evidence that some dabbled in answering machines as early as 19-24 utilizing recording cylinders. It is not clear if these were ever mass-produced on any marketable scale however.

So with the regular advancements of technology – Why did it take so long for there to be an answering machine apparatus which could be commercially marketed to companies and people? It had nothing to do with how functional the technology actually was. Even in 1951 AT&T was providing a working answering device called the Peatrophone, that used two phonograph disks to play and report messages.

The problem with the engineering was because it did work – it functioned very well. That’s why AT&T decided to put a halt to the technology.

As stated, AT&T possessed Bell Labs during the era where research was happening to create an answering-machine that would function for homeowners along with businesses. The concept came about due to the liberty to experiment among employees at Bell Labs – much the same way Google inspires their technologists to utilize 20% of their work time pursuing their own interests and endeavors. That environment led to the theory behind the automated answering machine.

Shortly after the theory came to fruition nevertheless, AT&T shutdown the study on magnetic storage and the automatic answering machine. The research information was hidden by AT&T and archived until just lately where the reports were uncovered in records and laboratory notes from Bell archives. But why pull the plug and hide a product with such possibility? Why conceal something that would necessarily come to light down the road through the research development of others?

The answer is that AT&T strongly believed recording devices attached to phone lines – notably people that have magnetic tapes and the possibility of high-fidelity recording – would induce individuals to abandon using the phone number.

The greatest concern rested in the belief that residential and business consumers would completely prevent the phone because they feared that recording conversations might create fears of privacy intrusion. Some might not use the telephone because they wish to discuss obscene and even dubious matters and they would not need those dialogues recorded. They also presumed that company owners would worry a recorded dialogue could cause contractual problems between parties. Overall, AT&T worried that magnetic recording would alter the entire nature of telephone conversations and leave the service of phones considerably less appealing to their customers.

Because of this halt in research, the possibility of magnetic tape recording for phone answering devices was not completely investigated until later years – and did not truly hit home with the people until after World War II.

The reaction that came those many years ago from AT&T had not been the first time that a business bucked at the thought of ground-breaking technology – and it probably won’t be the last. This is nevertheless one of those situations where – despite the best endeavours of the institution to shut the engineering down – there was no-stopping strong minds from continuing to find practical uses for magnetic tape technology with ongoing advancement into the digital answering devices we use today.

Boost Mobile iPhone: 5 Facts to Know Before Buying

iphoneThe Boost Mobile iPhone is the choice for anyone that needs monthly strategies that are lower than it is possible to locate on AT&T or Verizon and needs 4G LTE. There are lots of matters you should know before you run out and purchase your first Boost Mobile iPhone, although a Boost Mobile iPhone is an extremely attractive choice for many users.

Boost Mobile is a great value, but there are lots of catches that users should know about spending money. There might be some Boost Mobile iPhone facts which can be deal breakers for users who are searching for an iPhone plan that is more affordable.

Boost Mobile iPhone strategies begin at $40 a month with data, text and endless chat, but a huge asterisk is with this plan and another Boost Mobile Monthly Infinite Select plans that many iPhone users may be tempted to pick.

Here are the Boost Mobile iPhone facts you should understand.
When you purchase a Boost Mobile iPhone, you’ll be able to save well over T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T or Sprint with a greater cost. There are a number of tradeoffs when you select a Boost Mobile iPhone on an important insurance company, as well as Straight Talk iPhone 5s.

You can get a Boost Mobile iPhone five iPhone 5c; s or iPhone 4 s. The iPhone 5c is that same apparatus in a plastic casing, although there’s no Boost Mobile iPhone five on sale. When you purchase a Boost Mobile iPhone 5s you’d pay if you purchased an iPhone at another carrier on contract, but you will still save over purchasing unlocked from Apple. Here are the Boost Mobile iPhone costs, which sometimes go up to 20% off.

Whichever of these Boost Mobile iPhone choices you buy, these facts are part. Read on for the Boost Mobile iPhone facts you should understand prior to buying.

With Boost Mobile you get 4G LTE data, which can be not significantly slower that some prepaid services used to restrict you to. 4G LTE is now supported by most-prepaid iPhone carriers.


The video above reveals a 4G LTE speed comparison between the leading insurance companies. In this video, we see how quick 4G LTE is. Keep reading for the various captures, prior to getting overly excited about using 4G LTE on your Boost Mobile iPhone.

Don’t hesitate to call Boost Mobile customer service number.

If you decide to purchase a Boost Mobile iPhone on the Monthly Infinite Select strategies or $60 you get infinite data, but there’s really a limitation that is very important.

All these strategies restrict the number of high-speed data it is possible to use. After you go through the limit of 500MB, 2.5GB or 5GB you will see slower speeds.

The good thing is you’re not cut off from data entirely. Additionally 2.5GB and 5GB choices are more than enough for many users, particularly if they also intend to use WiFi.

The slower speed is 2G, which can be a fancy way of saying almost unusable.

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verizon wireless extender

Verizon Wireless Network Extender review

verizon wireless extender

Pros: The Verizon Wireless Network Extender does help to enhance signal strength and voice reception. There aren’t any monthly fees.
Cons: The Verizon Wireless Network Extender is somewhat expensive, and EVDO coverage or data doesn’t enhance.
Total score: If you have a house broadband network and live in a place with lousy Verizon Wireless coverage, the Verizon Wireless Network Extender will work to boost your signal strength.

But that does not mean there are not any dead places or places with coverage that is poor. Verizon expects to redress that a femtocell that basically adds a miniature cell tower in your house via the broadband network of your house. Sprint also offers a variant, called the Sprint Arrive.

Just Samsung, which might describe the similar design, makes the Verizon Wireless Network Extender. It resembles a wireless router that is standard, and on the front is four LED indicators and WAN status. Are an Ethernet jack, the power switch, a charger jack, and antenna. Additionally on the rear, toward the top, is a built in GPS antenna. The GPS must keep network-time upgrades plus to supply E911 services. You need to try to set your Network Extender up alongside a window to find the best sign that is possible.

Setup is not difficult since Verizon sends the Network Extender preactivated. Simply join the Ethernet cable (be it a router or directly to your modem), plug in the electricity, and the LED indicators will light up. You will understand when all four lights are solid blue it is functioning correctly. Occasionally it takes some time in order for it to find a GPS signal, so you may need to wait as much as one hour. For us, we just waited about ten minutes. If you have any troubles setting this up, simply call Verizon Customer service number, and their representative will help you to setup it!


The HTC One – What’s so great about it?

When HTC released HTC One, it surprised many that it was possible for other smartphone manufacturers to almost level up to the likes of Samsung and Apple. A good chunk of the population was amazed with the HTC One and now that a new one has come, it looks like Samsung and Apple will have a lot to work on to step up the lead again.


The new HTC One could easily be the most stylish smartphone that comes with a bigger screen than the iPhone. Sure, it is also a bit heavier but the weight difference is hardly noticeable when you get into the bits and pieces of the phone.

HTC surely added some nice touches and great features to this new release. The body is sleek with a gently curved back and the screen is exactly 5-inches, something like one that Google Nexus 5 has.

The new HTC One’s camera on the rear is 5 megapixel and the front is 4 megapixels. Before you start ranting about how meager those specs are compared to the others that have 13 megapixels, you should understand a little bit about HTC’s UltraPixel camera. This technology enables the phone’s camera to take pictures with 300% more light than your normal 13MP cams. Now, isn’t that impressive?

The battery is also one of great consideration when buying a phone, especially a smartphone at that, you can call AT&T customer service number and try to get best deal on this phone ;)

This one has a talk time of 20 hours with the 3G going on and standby up to 495 hours. That is actually pretty decent compared to other smartphones but we all could use a smartphone that has the greatest battery ever. For now, we’ll just hope they could create one like that but the new HTC One’s battery is fairing well.


Other features added on the new HTC One are the Sense TV and the Blink Feed. We’ll leave it to you to explore those features so you can actually see whether they make your life easier or more complicated. What we love is the app called Zoodles. We love it because we have kids and Zoodles allows you to put your smartphone into child friendly mode. With this mode your kids can only access child friendly apps on your phone.

The new HTC One may not be the best smartphone for some but it is actually one that could stand up to the likes of the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 and be proud of what it can do. Kudos to HTC for that.

Top Smartphones Offered By Boost Mobile

Nowadays, smartphones are a must.

Everything just seems easier with your smartphone with you and what you need with a smartphone is a reliable network service you can always depend on.

Lucky for Boost Mobile customer, they have a long list of the best smartphones out to choose from. Of course, as smartphones tend to be expensive, you will have to shell out the cash for a much needed and wanted top end smartphone but at least you can get the value of your money through the prepaid network service you get.

Since the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C, millions of smartphone users wanted to go for an upgrade to the most sought after Apple iPhone to date. Boost Mobile started to offer the latest iPhones since November of 2013 and many Apple fans are happy about this. The iPhone 5S and 5C are offered at $55 a month, which includes unlimited call minutes, text and data. Of course, you still have the option to avail of the not so outdated iPhone 4S if you cannot afford the latest iPhones.

For Samsung lovers, there is news that the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 will be first launched on Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Boost is said to start offering the S5 at the 2nd quarter of this year. The S5 will come with support to the Sprint Spark LTE service, which many are excited about. There is still no news about how much the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be sold for but you can also expect a hefty price for such a top end gadget.

For the latest device, the LG Optimus F3 is now available on Boost Mobile. This touch screen smartphone has a 4-inch screen that’s just right for many. The great news is that the price is also very friendly, making it an easy choice of prepaid mobile phone with LTE support. The Optimus F3 may not be a very new smartphone on the Boost Mobile shelf but the deal it is offered now with is very attractive, especially to the younger market.

MotoGMoto G is also offered on Boost Mobile at a very attractive $100 price tag. Other top end smartphones on Boost Mobile’s list are the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3, the BlackBerry 9310, Samsung Galaxy S2 4G, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One SV. There’s a choice for almost any kind of smartphone from Boost Mobile and with service plans that are affordable with unlimited inclusions, it’s easy not to look elsewhere anymore.

With Boost Mobile handsets, you can now give mobile phones as a gift without giving the recipient anything to worry about bills and contracts. Boost has a nationwide coverage and anyone who receives a Boost Mobile prepaid phone will not have to worry about any activation costs. More and more people are turning into prepaid services because of the convenience it offers. Boost has seen that need grow throughout the years and has made itself ready to accept customers with great service plans and customer service team.

Boost Mobile offers its wireless service through Sprint’s networks so you can expect a nationwide coverage. Some subscribers are also now able to enjoy 4G LTE networks and as Sprint is rolling out the plans to create the most extensive 4G LTE network in the country, Boost subscribers can also expect the same coverage soon.

Boost offers prepaid services for as long as $2 a day with unlimited call time, text messaging, web browsing, email and 411. You can check out other inclusions for extra additional charges on a monthly or daily basis.

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Sprint – Services Worth Your Time.

There are quite a lot of things to be excited about Sprint.

If you’re closely following news about their new services, you will notice that there are a number of cool features and plans that will definitely help you save a lot of money.

Very recently, Sprint has announced its offer for the Sprint Framily Plan, which is available for as low as $25 a month per member. If you’ve wanted to take advantage of this plan but you are with another carrier, now is the perfect time to do so. Spring is offering a Framily Switching Bonus of up to $650 worth of savings to cover the cost of switching from your carrier to them. This is an offer that will only be available from April 4 to May 8 so it’s the perfect timing to switch and avail of this plan. If you have any questions about this plan, you always can call Sprint Customer Service Number and they will answer all your questions.

When you do switch by bring your number to Sprint, you can get up to $300 worth of credits to use for your phone as well as a Visa Prepaid Card with worth up to $350 that you can probably use to pay for termination fees or switching fees from your previous carrier. Of course there will be a processing time for all this credits but 10-12 weeks of waiting for the Visa Prepaid Card is totally worth it if you get to save a lot of money, right?

This Sprint Family Plan will be offered online, Sprint stores and retail stores like BestBuy. The plan is so called Family because American families have changed over the years. Families now include friends, neighbors, relatives and other people that matter to you. This plan is available for new customers, existing customers and those switching from another carrier.

Another new service we’re excited about is the Wi-Fi calling for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that has been recently made available to customers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3Note 3 customers will be the first ones who can take advantage of the service but as the service rolls out, it will become more and more available to different handset owners. The Wi-Fi calling service is free and you can make calls and send messages with the use of your home, office or public Wi-Fi network. All it takes is an update that needs to be installed on your phone and once that’s done, you’re set to use free Wi-Fi calling.

Something for HTC One fans to be excited about is that Sprint has recently announced that customers may now order the New HTC One (M8) starting March 25, 2014. The New HTC One is one of the most awaited smartphones this year and it’s great news to know that Sprint customers will be among the first ones to get it.

For LG G2 users on the other hand, a new operating system update called Android 4.4 KitKat will be available over the air. KitKat is the latest and most innovative Android OS to date and it is said to give significant speed boost when running applications. This update will also help users get extended battery life by making browsing, video playing and emailing more efficient.

We love how there is always something new to look forward to when it comes to Sprint services, especially now that gadget after gadget is coming out faster than a bullet. This way, Sprint customers don’t get left behind. Not many service providers care about the fact that customers always want and need the latest of whatever technology there is but Sprint moves forward with their customers in mind. The Sprint services offered now are exciting and shows that network providers can give you good value for your money.

iPhone 6

Newest iPhone 6 Rumors, what to expect?

Because there are a lot of expectations on the next Apple release, the Cupertino giant is getting a lot of pressure. There are so many rumors and speculations about the iPhone 6 and there are even more outright lies about it.

Add the pressure to outwit the competition and Apple is in for a difficult task in creating another revolutionary smartphone that will wow the world again. Samsung has already announced the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 is also coming around the corner soon.

fanmade iphone 6 video from back in the 2013:

Let’s take a look at what people have been expecting about the iPhone 6.

  • A bigger screen seems to be a must for the next generation iPhone as more and more people are starting appreciate bigger screen smartphones. Apple has stuck to its screen display size, adding just very few millimeters in the next releases but it looks like they need to step it up this time. We hope too that there is going to be a full HD display on it.

iPhone 6 screen

  • Many believe that the iPhone 6 will no longer have the home button as it will have a new form factor. However, the touch ID finger print technology will still be there and we’re quite excited how Apple is going to go about this.

iPhone 6 with no home button

  • As wireless charging is becoming popular, the iPhone 6 looks like it will have this feature.


  • Now when it comes to the camera, of course we all expect it to have the best iPhone camera yet. It’s a good thing that previous iPhones have not really failed us when it comes to the camera. However, there are very strong rumors that Apple is sticking with the 8MP, a big disappointment but we’ll have to see what Apple comes up with seeing that they intend to use different sensors this time.

iPhone 6 cammera

The iPhone 6 is also expected to come out sometime in September of this year. Many have speculated that there was going to be an iPhone 6 last year but the 5S and the 5C came out so we had to wait a little longer.

The iPhone 6 is also said to feature sapphire crystals as the material for its cover. This means the new iPhone will be scratch proof. Would this be a great feature that will justify your spending of way too much money for a phone upgrade?

And who will start selling it first? Sprint, At&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or maybe Amazon? Well, we’re just going to have to wait until the iPhone 6 is really comes out.

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