GTA Countdown: 10 Things I’ll Do First

I’m already giddy with excitement about what’s possible in this game, and by going by this leaked map, there will be no shortage of awesome things to do.

But I’ve narrowed it down to a 10-point checklist. This is what I’m doing first.

Work up a Wanted rating

And I’m not talking some petty three or four-star wanted level. I’m talking about the maximum level of whatever sort of Wanted system is in place in the game. We hear that each police car will have its own search radius, rather than one single radius, so a maximum Wanted level should provide the opportunity for some outrageous evasion.

Climb the highest peak, and then jump off that ‘mofo!

Parachute or not, I will be getting to the top of the highest peak in Los Santos and jumping straight down to the ground.

Although a parachute would be ideal.

Steal a plane

They’re back! As great as GTA IV was, the lack of planes was a travesty. Maybe it’s more suited to the open land of Los Santos. Now, I obviously won’t have the funds early on to buy a plane, so, one of my first orders of business: steal one!

Drive around the whole map

The MMGN crew should definitely get a team together to map and measure the length of the Los Santos map. I want to go on a road trip right around the map, along the coast.

Visit the Vinewood sign

Maybe this could be done at the same time as trekking to the highest peak.

Deep sea dive

The San Andreas Bigfoot myth is still alive and well. What will we find in the deep seas of Los Santos’ oceans?


One of the big focuses of the trailers, screenshots and previews thus far have been heists and their importance in the context of the story and your place in the game. I’m looking forward to seeing the sort of depth in place … and what sort of havoc I can cause in the getaway.

Race my ride

Maybe this is more specific to GTA Online but I’m sure there will be odd jobs and side quests around the map in GTA 5 for racing. The trailer for GTA Online showed race course creation. First one around the coast gets a private jet. Okay … GO!

Play golf. Or tennis.

The tennis is the trailers looks like it’s straight out of Virtua Tennis, and the golf, Everybody’s Golf. I’m looking forward to seeing how both sports will handle and play.

Start the story

Because everyone loves a good story.